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concatenate to link in a series or chain. [2 definitions]
concave curved inward like the interior of a sphere. (Cf. convex.) [3 definitions]
concavity the condition or quality of being concave. [2 definitions]
concavo-concave having both sides concave.
concavo-convex concave on one side and convex on the other. [2 definitions]
conceal to hide or keep hidden from sight. [2 definitions]
concealable combined form of conceal.
concealment the act of hiding something from sight, or the condition of being hidden from sight. [2 definitions]
concede to acknowledge the truth, justice, or propriety of; admit. [3 definitions]
conceit an exaggerated opinion of oneself; vanity. [3 definitions]
conceited having an exaggerated opinion of oneself; vain.
conceivable capable of being intellectually conceived; thinkable.
conceive to give shape to in the mind. [6 definitions]
concelebrate of two or more priests, to celebrate (Mass) together.
concenter to bring, direct, or come to a common center; converge.
concentrate to draw together to a center; focus. [6 definitions]
concentrated intensely focused. [3 definitions]
concentration the act or process of concentrating, or the state of being concentrated. [5 definitions]
concentration camp a prison camp in which large numbers of political prisoners, aliens, or those considered undesirable are confined and sometimes executed.
concentric of circles or spheres, having the same center.
concept a distinct, novel idea that has been arrived at through consideration. [2 definitions]