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concentration camp a prison camp in which large numbers of political prisoners, aliens, or those considered undesirable are confined and sometimes executed.
concentric of circles or spheres, having the same center.
concept a distinct, novel idea that has been arrived at through consideration. [2 definitions]
conception the act of bringing into being. [4 definitions]
conceptual of or pertaining to concepts or their formation.
conceptualize to form or make (something) into a concept. [2 definitions]
conceptus all of the parts produced during the period from conception through birth, such as the fetus, the fetal sac, and the umbilical cord.
concern to relate to or be about; pertain to. [7 definitions]
concerned involved or interested. [2 definitions]
concerning in regard to; about.
concert a musical or dance performance before an audience; recital. [3 definitions]
concerted designed or devised by consensus or agreement. [2 definitions]
concert grand the largest size of grand piano, used esp. for concert performances.
concertina a small musical instrument similar to an accordion but with buttons for keys and hexagonal bellows.
concertize to give solo recitals and concerts, as a musician who tours, performing alone or as a guest artist.
concertmaster the leader of the first violins of an orchestra, and usu. the assistant conductor.
concerto a musical composition for one or more solo instruments accompanied by an orchestra.
concession an act or instance of conceding, such as the granting of a right or privilege or the admitting of a point in an argument. [4 definitions]
concessionaire one who has been granted or operates a concession.
concessionary of, pertaining to, or in the nature of a concession. [2 definitions]
concessive serving to concede. [2 definitions]