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concomitant existing or happening at the same time as something else, esp. as the less important thing or event; accompanying; attendant. [2 definitions]
Concord the capital of New Hampshire.
concord a state of agreement or harmony between persons or things. [3 definitions]
concordance an alphabetical index of all the main words in a book or in the entire work of an author, listing the contexts in which each word occurs and giving page references for each occurrence. [2 definitions]
concordant being in agreement or harmony.
concordat a formal agreement or contract, as between the pope and a government, concerning the regulation of church affairs.
concourse a large open space, as in a railway station, where many people pass or gather. [5 definitions]
concrescence the merging, esp. by growing together, of related parts or particles, as cells.
concrete existing as something solid or tangible; actual; real. [10 definitions]
concrete poetry a form of poetry in which the arrangement of words and phrases on the printed page is intended to convey a visual as well as poetic image.
concretion something that is or becomes real, specific, solid, or tangible. [3 definitions]
concretize to make tangible or definite; give concrete form to.
concubine a woman who cohabits with a man but is not married to him; mistress. [2 definitions]
concupiscence a strong desire or longing, esp. sexual; lust.
concur to share the same opinion; agree. [3 definitions]
concurrence the act or product of concurring; agreement. [4 definitions]
concurrent existing or occurring at the same time. [5 definitions]
concurrent jurisdiction the power of two or more courts to each hear and decide cases related to the same matter or in the same geographic area.
concurrent resolution a resolution passed by both houses of a bicameral legislative body that is not legally binding and does not require the chief executive's signature.
concuss to cause injury to by concussion.
concussion a violent shaking or heavy blow; shock. [2 definitions]