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connected related or associated in some way. [3 definitions]
Connecticut a northeastern U.S. state south of Massachusetts. (abbr.: CT)
connecting rod a rod that links a rotating part of a machine to a reciprocating part, such as a crankshaft to a piston.
connection something that connects. [6 definitions]
connective serving or tending to connect. [2 definitions]
connective tissue tissue in the body, such as fat, cartilage, or bone, that holds together and supports organs and other tissues.
conning tower a low enclosed observation tower on a submarine, used as the entrance and exit. [2 definitions]
conniption (informal) an outburst or fit of anger, hysteria, or the like.
connivance an act or instance of conniving. [2 definitions]
connive to join secretly in a plot or scheme; conspire (often fol. by "with"). [2 definitions]
connoisseur a person with the experience, expertise, and sense of appreciation to make informed judgments in a fine art or in matters of taste.
connoisseurship experience and expertise in judging fine art and other matters of taste.
connotation a secondary meaning or implication of a word or expression, in addition to its primary meaning. (Cf. denotation.) [2 definitions]
connote to suggest or imply (meanings or associations) in addition to the literal meaning. [2 definitions]
connubial relating to marriage or the matrimonial state; conjugal.
conoid cone-shaped. [3 definitions]
conominee combined form of nominee.
conquer to gain or overcome by force, esp. armed force. [4 definitions]
conqueror one who gains victory.
conquest the act or process of conquering. [3 definitions]
conquistador one of the Spanish conquerors of the Americas in the sixteenth century.