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connivance an act or instance of conniving. [2 definitions]
connive to join secretly in a plot or scheme; conspire (often fol. by "with"). [2 definitions]
connoisseur a person with the experience, expertise, and sense of appreciation to make informed judgments in a fine art or in matters of taste.
connoisseurship experience and expertise in judging fine art and other matters of taste.
connotation a secondary meaning or implication of a word or expression, in addition to its primary meaning. (Cf. denotation.) [2 definitions]
connote to suggest or imply (meanings or associations) in addition to the literal meaning. [2 definitions]
connubial relating to marriage or the matrimonial state; conjugal.
conoid cone-shaped. [3 definitions]
conominee combined form of nominee.
conquer to gain or overcome by force, esp. armed force. [4 definitions]
conqueror one who gains victory.
conquest the act or process of conquering. [3 definitions]
conquistador one of the Spanish conquerors of the Americas in the sixteenth century.
consanguineous having a blood relationship; descended from the same ancestors.
conscience the human faculty that enables one to decide between right and wrong conduct, esp. in regard to one's own actions. [2 definitions]
conscienceless combined form of conscience.
conscience money money paid, sometimes anonymously, by one who hopes to atone for previous wrongdoing, in order to relieve the conscience.
conscientious done in accordance with one's conscience; principled. [2 definitions]
conscientious objector a person who refuses, for moral or religious reasons, to participate in military service or to engage in warfare.
conscious aware of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, and surroundings. [3 definitions]
consciousness the state or quality of being conscious or aware. [3 definitions]