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conservatism a political preference for maintaining established institutions and customs and changing only gradually, or the acts and practices resulting from this preference. [2 definitions]
conservative preferring the traditional and resisting rapid change. [7 definitions]
conservatoire a school or academy for the arts; conservatory.
conservator one who guards or preserves from harm or decay; custodian. [2 definitions]
conservatory a school of music or drama. [3 definitions]
conserve to keep safe from loss, destruction, or waste. [4 definitions]
consider to think about carefully; reflect on. [7 definitions]
considerable large in size, number, extent, or proportion. [2 definitions]
considerably to a quite large degree or extent.
considerate showing regard for the feelings and needs of others.
consideration careful attention or thought. [3 definitions]
considered arrived at after careful thought. [2 definitions]
considering in view of; taking into account. [2 definitions]
consign to deliver, transfer, or turn over to another. [4 definitions]
consignable combined form of consign.
consignment something consigned, esp. goods consigned to an agent for sale. [2 definitions]
consist to be composed or formed (usu. fol. by "of"). [2 definitions]
consistency agreement or compatibility between or among constituent elements. [3 definitions]
consistent steadily conforming to a regular style or pattern; not varying. [2 definitions]
consistently in a consistent manner; in accordance with the established pattern.
consistory an assembly of a governing council, esp. of a church or religious sect. [2 definitions]