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considerably to a quite large degree or extent.
considerate showing regard for the feelings and needs of others.
consideration careful attention or thought. [3 definitions]
considered arrived at after careful thought. [2 definitions]
considering in view of; taking into account. [2 definitions]
consign to deliver, transfer, or turn over to another. [4 definitions]
consignable combined form of consign.
consignment something consigned, esp. goods consigned to an agent for sale. [2 definitions]
consist to be composed or formed (usu. fol. by "of"). [2 definitions]
consistency agreement or compatibility between or among constituent elements. [3 definitions]
consistent steadily conforming to a regular style or pattern; not varying. [2 definitions]
consistently in a consistent manner; in accordance with the established pattern.
consistory an assembly of a governing council, esp. of a church or religious sect. [2 definitions]
consolation an act or instance of consoling. [3 definitions]
consolation prize a prize given to a loser or runner-up in a competition, as a means of consoling.
console1 to give comfort in time of loss, defeat, or suffering; relieve grief or disappointment; give solace to.
console2 a cabinet or panel containing the controls for an electrical or mechanical apparatus. [3 definitions]
console table a narrow waist-high table often placed against a wall, the facing legs of which have ornamental brackets.
consolidate to combine into a whole or mass; unify. [3 definitions]
consolidation the act or an instance of consolidating, or the condition of being consolidated. [2 definitions]
consommé a clear broth made from meat or occasionally vegetables.