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constancy the quality of being constant or invariable, as in purpose, opinion, or devotion; steadfastness; loyalty. [2 definitions]
constant unchanging; uniform. [4 definitions]
Constantine I the ruler of the Roman Empire in 306-37 A.D. (b.280A.D.?--d.337 A.D.).
Constantinople the former name of Istanbul, from 330 A.D. to 1930.
constantly continuously; unceasingly. [3 definitions]
constellate to gather in, or as if in, a constellation; cluster.
constellation any of eighty-eight groupings or patterns of stars named after the animals, objects, or mythological characters they are thought to resemble. [3 definitions]
consternation surprise and alarm, leading to panic, deep disappointment, or total confusion.
constipate to cause constipation in.
constipation difficulty or infrequency in moving the bowels.
constituency the body of voters from a district represented by an elected official. [2 definitions]
constituent serving as a component or part of something. [4 definitions]
constitute to form or compose. [4 definitions]
constitution the process or act of establishing, setting up, or constituting; composition. [6 definitions]
constitutional of or relating to a constitution. [4 definitions]
constitutionalism a system of government based upon the adherence to basic laws and principles laid out in a written constitution. [2 definitions]
constitutionality the quality of being in legal accord with a constitution, or of being otherwise constitutional.
constitutionless combined form of constitution.
constitutive essential; constituent. [2 definitions]
constrain to cause by physical, moral, or other compulsion; compel; oblige. [3 definitions]
constrained forced; compelled. [2 definitions]