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contact the physical touching of one thing to another. [8 definitions]
contact lens a thin, usu. plastic lens, clear or tinted, that is worn over the cornea of the eye to correct imperfect vision or change the color of the eyes.
contact print a photograph made by pressing a negative against light-sensitive paper and exposing it to light.
contagion the spreading of a disease by contact or close association. [4 definitions]
contagious capable of being spread from person to person by contact or association. [3 definitions]
contain to hold or have within. [4 definitions]
containable combined form of contain.
container something, such as a box, barrel, or can, that contains or may contain something else; receptacle. [2 definitions]
containerize to ship (cargo) in large, standard-sized containers.
containerless combined form of container.
containment the act of containing or condition of being contained. [3 definitions]
containment structure the building in which a commercial nuclear reactor is housed.
contaminant something that contaminates something else.
contaminate to make impure or unusable by contact or by adding a harmful substance.
contamination the act of contaminating or condition of being contaminated. [2 definitions]
contd. abbreviation of "continued."
conté a hard crayon of clay and graphite, usu. of a dark color such as brown or black.
contemn to view or treat with contempt; despise; loathe.
contemplate to look at long and thoughtfully. [4 definitions]
contemplation thoughtful reflection or examination; act of contemplating. [2 definitions]
contemplative characterized by or given to contemplation; meditative; thoughtful. [2 definitions]