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contemporary existing in, relating to, or belonging to the same period of time. [4 definitions]
contempt the feeling or expression of angry disgust, as at something wicked or unworthy; scorn. [3 definitions]
contemptible deserving of or viewed with contempt; disgraceful; dishonorable.
contemptuous feeling or expressing contempt; scornful.
contend to strive against difficulties or opposition (usu. fol. by "with"). [4 definitions]
contender a person who competes with other people to try to win something, such as a prize or a position.
content1 (usu. pl.) whatever is contained or held in a receptacle, container, or something seen as a container. [5 definitions]
content2 wanting no more than what one has; satisfied. [3 definitions]
contented satisfied with existing conditions; content.
contention a struggle between or among people or ideas; strife; argument. [3 definitions]
contentious inclined to argue; quarrelsome; belligerent. [2 definitions]
contentment the state of being content or satisfied.
contents things that are inside something.
conterminous having a common boundary, such that each ends where the other begins. [2 definitions]
contessa (Italian) countess.
contest a struggle for superiority or victory. [5 definitions]
contestable combined form of contest.
contestant one who participates in a contest; competitor. [2 definitions]
context the language surrounding a particular usage of a word, phrase, or sentence, or the situation in which the piece of language is used. [2 definitions]
contextless combined form of context.
contextual of, belonging to, or depending on a context.