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contextless combined form of context.
contextual of, belonging to, or depending on a context.
contextualize to put into a context, or provide a context for.
contiguity the state of being contiguous; nearness; proximity. [2 definitions]
contiguous in contact; touching; adjoining. [2 definitions]
continence moderation or self-restraint, esp. in sexual activity. [2 definitions]
continent one of the earth's major land masses, such as North America, Australia, or Antarctica. [3 definitions]
continental of or pertaining to a continent. [6 definitions]
continental breakfast a light breakfast, usu. consisting of rolls or pastries and coffee or tea, like that eaten in most European countries.
Continental Congress the revolutionary assembly, made up of landed representatives of the American colonies, that met between 1774 and 1789 to work out a plan of government and adopted both the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation.
continental divide an extensive ridge of mountains on a continent that separates river systems flowing in opposite directions.
continental drift the theory that the earth's continents shift their positions because of currents in the molten magma of the earth's mantle.
continental shelf the submerged rim of a continent, from which descent to the ocean floor is usu. precipitous.
contingency a future event that is possible but not likely. [3 definitions]
contingent depending on some factor, circumstance, or event; conditional (often fol. by "on" or "upon"). [4 definitions]
continual occurring without interruption or breaks; unceasing. [2 definitions]
continuance the act of continuing; continuation. [4 definitions]
continuation the act of continuing. [4 definitions]
continue to go on; persist. [7 definitions]
continued kept up; maintained.
continuing still going on or happening; not over.