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contrariety the quality or condition of being contrary. [2 definitions]
contrariwise in the opposite way or direction. [2 definitions]
contrary totally different; opposite. [6 definitions]
contrast to compare (two people or things) in order to make their differences clear. [7 definitions]
contrastable combined form of contrast.
contravene to conflict with; act against; oppose; violate. [2 definitions]
contretemps an embarrassing or unfortunate happening; mishap; mischance.
contribute to give individually or with others to a common fund or collective effort (often fol. by "to"). [5 definitions]
contribution the act of contributing. [2 definitions]
contributor one that contributes individually or with others to a common fund or collective effort. [3 definitions]
contributory of or relating to contribution. [2 definitions]
contrite feeling deep guilt for one's wrongdoing or shortcoming and desiring to make amends for it; remorseful; repentant. [2 definitions]
contrition regret for one's own wrongdoing, or for one's offenses against religious mandates.
contrivance the act of contriving. [3 definitions]
contrive to plan or devise cleverly or ingeniously. [5 definitions]
contrived planned or artificial, esp. in an obvious way; not spontaneous.
control to exercise the power to regulate, dominate, or manipulate; command. [9 definitions]
control experiment an experiment in which variables are controlled in order to make clear the effects of varying factors one at a time.
controlled substance any drug whose sale or use is subject to U.S. federal law.
controller one who regulates or controls. [2 definitions]
control rod a rod or bar in a nuclear reactor that contains a neutron-absorbing material, and that is lowered into or raised from the core to control the fission chain reaction.