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contusion an injury that does not involve laceration of the skin; bruise.
conundrum a puzzle or problem with a difficult or impossible solution. [2 definitions]
conurbation a large urban area composed of cities and suburbs that have grown and merged together.
convalesce to regain health or strength after an illness or injury.
convalescence the gradual process of recuperation from an illness, or the period during which it takes place.
convection the motion or transmittal of heat through a liquid or gas because of the natural rising of the heated parts and sinking of the cooled parts.
convene to gather or assemble, esp. for a formal meeting. [3 definitions]
convenience the quality of being suitable or handy for one's purpose or need. [4 definitions]
convenience food partially or fully processed food, such as a frozen meal, that can be quickly prepared.
convenience store a store, often near a busy road or highway, that is open long hours and that sells a limited selection of grocery items, especially snacks and beverages, as well as certain pharmaceutical and automotive items.
convenient suitable and easily turned to one's needs, purposes, or comfort. [2 definitions]
convent a society of persons, usu. nuns, devoted to a religious life with the guidance of a superior. [2 definitions]
conventicle a secret religious meeting, esp. of dissenters or members of a nonconformist sect. [2 definitions]
convention a formal meeting or assembly called together to discuss or pursue common interests. [4 definitions]
conventional adhering closely to accepted customs and standards. [3 definitions]
conventionality the quality or state of being conventional. [3 definitions]
conventionalize to make conventional. [2 definitions]
conventional wisdom a belief or set of beliefs that is held by most people.
conventual of, like, or pertaining to a convent. [3 definitions]
converge to move toward or meet at a common point. [3 definitions]
convergence the act or condition of converging. [4 definitions]