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coproduce combined form of produce.
coproducer combined form of producer.
coproduction combined form of production.
copromoter combined form of promoter.
coproprietor combined form of proprietor.
coprosperity combined form of prosperity.
copse a small wooded area or thicket.
Copt a native of Egypt who is a descendant of the ancient Egyptians. [2 definitions]
copter (informal) a helicopter.
Coptic the Afro-Asiatic language of ancient Egypt now extinct except for ritual use in the Coptic Church. [3 definitions]
Coptic Church the Egyptian Christian church, which holds as its doctrine that Jesus Christ's nature was single and divine.
copublish combined form of publish.
copublisher combined form of publisher.
copula something that joins or links; coupler. [3 definitions]
copulate to engage in the physical joining of sexual organs for the depositing of sperm.
copulative coupling or joining. [5 definitions]
copy a reproduction of an original. [8 definitions]
copybook a book of examples of handwriting, formerly used as models for young students to imitate. [3 definitions]
copycat (informal) a person who copies the behavior, gestures, or actions of another (used chiefly by children).
copy desk a desk in a newspaper office where copy is edited and prepared for typesetting, and where headlines are composed.
copyist one who makes written copies, usu. of documents. [2 definitions]