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coresearcher combined form of researcher.
coresident combined form of resident.
coresidential combined form of residential.
corespondent in law, one jointly accused with the defendant, esp. of adultery in a divorce case.
corgi see "Welsh corgi."
coriander a herbaceous plant of the parsley family, or the seedlike fruits of this used as a spice.
Corinth an ancient city in northeastern Greece.
Corinthian of or pertaining to Corinth or its people or culture. [3 definitions]
Corinthians either of two books of the New Testament containing the letters of the apostle Paul to the Christians of Corinth.
Coriolis effect the apparent deflection of moving objects as observed from a rotating frame of reference due to the force created by the rotating frame.
Coriolis force a force held to be responsible for the straying off course of a falling object toward a rotating body such as the earth.
corium the layer of skin that lies beneath the epidermal layer and contains nerves and blood vessels; derma.
cork a species of oak native to the Mediterranean area, having thick, porous, water-resistant bark. [6 definitions]
corker a person or machine that inserts corks into bottles.
corkscrew a spiral-shafted tool used to remove corks from bottles. [3 definitions]
corky of or resembling cork, as in texture or buoyancy. [2 definitions]
corm a thickened underground stem acting as a storage tissue and source of new leafy shoots, as in crocuses.
cormorant any of several dark-colored, long-necked seabirds having a hooked bill and an expandable food pouch, often brightly colored, under the bill.
corn1 a tall cereal plant that produces cylinder-shaped ears with rows of edible yellow or white seeds. [7 definitions]
corn2 a small area of hard, calloused skin on the toe or foot.
corn borer a moth larva that is highly destructive to corn and other plants.