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corm a thickened underground stem acting as a storage tissue and source of new leafy shoots, as in crocuses.
cormorant any of several dark-colored, long-necked seabirds having a hooked bill and an expandable food pouch, often brightly colored, under the bill.
corn1 a tall cereal plant that produces cylinder-shaped ears with rows of edible yellow or white seeds. [7 definitions]
corn2 a small area of hard, calloused skin on the toe or foot.
corn borer a moth larva that is highly destructive to corn and other plants.
corn bread bread made with cornmeal as the main ingredient.
corncob the woody core that bears the kernels in an ear of corn. [2 definitions]
corncob pipe a tobacco pipe with a bowl made of a hollow, dried corncob.
corn cockle an annual flowering plant that bears pinkish flowers and poisonous seeds and is considered a weed.
corncrib a ventilated structure for drying and storing ears of corn.
cornea the portion of the eyeball's outer coating that is transparent and covers the iris and pupil.
cornel any of the dogwood trees or shrubs.
cornelian variant of carnelian.
Cornell University an Ivy League university in Ithaca, New York, founded in 1865.
corner the place where two lines or surfaces meet to form an angle. [10 definitions]
cornerback in football, one of two players on the outer edges of the defensive secondary who guard against end runs and cover wide receivers.
cornered with corners. [2 definitions]
cornerstone a stone placed at the corner joining two masonry walls. [3 definitions]
cornerwise proceeding from one corner of a rectangle through the center to the opposite corner; diagonally. [3 definitions]
cornet a brass wind instrument resembling a compact trumpet. [2 definitions]
cornfield a field in which corn is cultivated.