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corporal2 a noncommissioned officer in the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps ranked below sergeant and above private first class.
corporal punishment punishment inflicted directly on the body of the offender, such as flogging.
corporate of or relating to a corporation. [3 definitions]
corporation an association of persons recognized by law and authorized to carry out certain functions with powers independent of the individual members. [2 definitions]
corporeal having to do with a physical body; bodily. [2 definitions]
corps a branch of the military that has a specialized function. [3 definitions]
corpse a dead body, esp. of a human being.
corpsman a member of a military medical unit or a civilian paramedical corps.
corpswoman a female member of a military medical unit or a civilian paramedical corps.
corpulence the state of being very fat; obesity.
corpulent fat; portly; obese.
corpus a collection of all the written works on a particular subject, by a particular author, or of a particular kind. [4 definitions]
corpuscle a cell that moves freely in the blood, esp. one of the red or white blood cells. [2 definitions]
corpus delicti in a case of suspected murder, the body of the victim. [2 definitions]
corpus juris collectively, the laws of a nation or state.
corpus luteum a ductless gland which forms within the ovary, resulting from the reorganization of a follicle upon release of its ovum. [2 definitions]
corral an enclosed area in which horses or cattle are kept. [4 definitions]
correct to make accurate; remove mistakes from. [5 definitions]
correctable combined form of correct.
correction the act of correcting. [3 definitions]
corrective having correction as its intended purpose or effect; remedial or rectifying. [2 definitions]