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corporate of or relating to a corporation. [3 definitions]
corporation an association of persons recognized by law and authorized to carry out certain functions with powers independent of the individual members. [2 definitions]
corporeal having to do with a physical body; bodily. [2 definitions]
corps a branch of the military that has a specialized function. [3 definitions]
corpse a dead body, esp. of a human being.
corpsman a member of a military medical unit or a civilian paramedical corps.
corpswoman a female member of a military medical unit or a civilian paramedical corps.
corpulence the state of being very fat; obesity.
corpulent fat; portly; obese.
corpus a collection of all the written works on a particular subject, by a particular author, or of a particular kind. [4 definitions]
corpuscle a cell that moves freely in the blood, esp. one of the red or white blood cells. [2 definitions]
corpus delicti in a case of suspected murder, the body of the victim. [2 definitions]
corpus juris collectively, the laws of a nation or state.
corpus luteum a ductless gland which forms within the ovary, resulting from the reorganization of a follicle upon release of its ovum. [2 definitions]
corral an enclosed area in which horses or cattle are kept. [4 definitions]
correct to make accurate; remove mistakes from. [5 definitions]
correctable combined form of correct.
correction the act of correcting. [3 definitions]
corrective having correction as its intended purpose or effect; remedial or rectifying. [2 definitions]
correctly in the correct or proper way; without error.
correlate to arrange, as two sets of data, so as to demonstrate or emphasize their causal, reciprocal, complementary, or parallel relationship. [4 definitions]