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corset a stiff, close-fitting undergarment worn to shape or support the middle part of the body. [2 definitions]
Corsica a French Mediterranean island between Sardinia and the Italian coast.
cortege a funeral procession. [2 definitions]
cortex the outer layer of an organ or other body part such as the kidney or the adrenal gland. [3 definitions]
cortical of, relating to, or involving the cerebral cortex.
corticate having a cortex, as a plant or animal or one of its parts.
cortisol a hormone released from the adrenal cortex in response to stress that suppresses the immune system and increases blood sugar. When used as a drug, this hormone is called hydrocortisone.
cortisone a hormone produced by the adrenal cortex or made synthetically, used esp. to treat arthritis and certain allergies.
coruler combined form of ruler.
corundum an exceedingly hard mineral, aluminum oxide, occurring commonly in gray, brown, or blue varieties which are used esp. as abrasives, and more rarely in transparent, crystalline forms such as the ruby and sapphire used in expensive jewelry.
coruscate to give off flashes of light; sparkle; glitter.
corvette a small, swift, lightly armed ship, used esp. as an escort. [2 definitions]
corvine of, like, or pertaining to crows, ravens, or jays.
cory the smaller monetary unit of Guinea. (Cf. syli.)
corymb a flat-topped cluster of flowers in which the flower stalks grow upwards from various points of the main stem and become level with each other.
coryza a head cold.
Cos. abbreviation of "Companies," a plural form of "Company" (used in a proper name).
coscript combined form of script.
cosecant in trigonometry, the secant of the complement or the reciprocal of the sine of a given angle or arc.
cosign to sign together with another or others. [2 definitions]
cosignatory affixing one's signature on a document together with one or more other persons. [2 definitions]