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cotter a metal fastener, such as a pin, bolt, or wedge, that is fitted in a slot. [2 definitions]
cotterless combined form of cotter.
cotter pin a split pin with ends that can be spread apart to fasten it in place after it is inserted through a slot or hole.
cotton a plant that produces soft, white fibers used in making a variety of textile products. [6 definitions]
cotton batting batting made of cotton.
cotton candy a candy consisting of melted sugar spun into a fluffy mass around a stick or paper cone.
cotton flannel a soft, napped fabric made of cotton.
cotton gin a machine that separates cotton fibers from the seeds and their hulls.
cottonmouth a poisonous North American snake that lives in swamps; water moccasin.
cottonseed the seed of the cotton plant, used to produce an oil, fertilizer, and animal food.
cottonseed meal meal made from the cottonseed after the hull and oil are removed, used as fertilizer and feed.
cottontail any of several North American rabbits having conspicuous white tails.
cottonwood any of several rapid-growing American poplars that bear seeds with cottonlike hair. [2 definitions]
cotton wool cotton that is in its raw state or unprocessed. [3 definitions]
cottony of or resembling cotton, esp. in texture. [2 definitions]
cotyledon in a great number of plants, one of usu. two leaves that appear first after a seed has sprouted and are usu. different in shape from later leaves.
couch a large piece of upholstered furniture with a back and usu. with arms, on which several people can sit or one can lie; sofa. [4 definitions]
couchant lying or reclining. [2 definitions]
couch grass a grass that has creeping rootstocks, by which it spreads rapidly, and is considered a troublesome weed; quack grass; quitch.
couching (archaic) the act or an instance of crouching or bowing low to the ground.
couch potato (informal) a person whose main leisure pastime is television viewing.