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counterorder combined form of order.
counterpane something, such as a quilt, used to cover a bed; bedspread.
counterpart someone or something that is similar or identical to another. [3 definitions]
counterperson a person who serves customers from behind a counter, as in a diner or cafeteria.
counterpetition combined form of petition.
counterpicket combined form of picket.
counterplay combined form of play.
counterplayer combined form of player.
counterplot a plot to prevent or counteract another plot. [4 definitions]
counterploy combined form of ploy.
counterpoint a method of composing or arranging music in which diverse but harmonious melodies are played at the same time. [3 definitions]
counterpoise any force or influence, such as a weight or a point in an argument, that exactly balances another; counterbalance. [3 definitions]
counterpower combined form of power.
counterpressure combined form of pressure.
counterproject combined form of project.
counterpropaganda combined form of propaganda.
counterproposal a proposal made to respond to or cancel out another proposal.
counterprotest combined form of protest.
counterquestion combined form of question.
counterraid combined form of raid.
counterreaction combined form of reaction.