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counterterror combined form of terror.
counterterrorism combined form of terrorism.
counterterrorist combined form of terrorist.
counterthreat combined form of threat.
counterthrust combined form of thrust.
countertop a flat working surface, typically waist-high, esp. that which forms the top of a cabinet unit in a kitchen.
countertradition combined form of tradition.
countertrend combined form of trend.
countervail to be equivalent to or counterbalance. [3 definitions]
counterviolence combined form of violence.
counterweigh to oppose with equal power or weight; counterbalance.
counterweight a weight that exactly balances another weight; counterbalance. [2 definitions]
counter word (chiefly American) a commonly used word whose current meanings have little relationship to its original meaning, such as "nice" or "terrible".
counterworld combined form of world.
countess a woman married to, or the widow of, a count or earl. [2 definitions]
counting number the number one and any number obtained by successively adding one to get the next number.
countless very great in number; innumerable.
count on to depend or rely on (someone or something). [3 definitions]
countrified having the appearance or characteristics of rural people.
country a large geographic region defined by political, natural, or cultural boundaries. [5 definitions]
country and western country music of the U.S. (Cf. country music.)