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cranial nerve any of the twelve paired nerves, such as the optic and auditory nerves, that extend from the stem of the brain through openings in the skull.
craniate having a skull or cranium. [2 definitions]
cranio- skull; cranium.
craniofacial of, pertaining to, or involving the cranium and face.
craniology the scientific study of characteristics of the human skull, such as size and shape.
craniometry the science of measuring skulls.
craniotomy the act or process of cutting through the skull, as for brain surgery.
cranium the skull of a vertebrate animal. [2 definitions]
crank a mechanical device for applying rotary motion, consisting of a lever arm or disk attached at right angles to the end of a rotating shaft and turned by hand or connecting rod. [6 definitions]
crankcase the housing enclosing an engine's crankshaft and its connecting parts.
crank out to produce in great numbers, esp. in a mechanical manner.
crankpin a bar or cylindrical pin positioned in a crank and having a connecting rod or link attached.
crankshaft a shaft that turns or is turned by one or more cranks that are attached to or part of the shaft.
crank up (informal) to get prepared or begin. [2 definitions]
cranky cross-tempered; grouchy. [3 definitions]
cranny a small opening in a wall, rock, or other solid mass; crack or crevice.
crap a losing dice throw in the game of craps.
crape crepe. [3 definitions]
crapehanger (informal) a gloomy, morose person; one who anticipates the worst.
crape myrtle a tall Oriental shrub, related to loosestrife and widely cultivated in warmer zones as an ornamental for its stalks of crinkled pink, red, white, or purple flowers.
crap out to make a losing throw, such as two, three, or twelve, in craps.