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crawdaddy any of several small, freshwater crustaceans related to and resembling the lobster; crawdad; crayfish; crawfish.
crawfish variant of crayfish. [2 definitions]
crawl to move slowly with the body close to, or dragged along on, the ground; creep. [7 definitions]
crawlspace a low or shallow area, as beneath the roof or floor of a building, usu. containing wiring and plumbing.
crawly see "creepy."
crayfish any of several small freshwater crustaceans related to and resembling the lobster. [2 definitions]
crayon a colored stick or pencil, esp. one made of wax, used for drawing and coloring. [3 definitions]
craze to cause insanity in; derange. [6 definitions]
crazed having lost one's reason, or having or giving the appearance of being insane. [2 definitions]
crazy (informal) mentally deranged; insane or acting insanely. [8 definitions]
crazy bone see "funny bone."
crazy quilt a patchwork quilt in which pieces of varying color, shape, and size are put together in no specific pattern. [2 definitions]
crazyweed see "locoweed."
creak to make, or move with, a grating or squeaking noise, as a chair under the stress of a person's weight. [3 definitions]
creaky making or likely to make a creaking noise. [2 definitions]
cream the part of whole milk that contains butterfat. [14 definitions]
cream cheese a rich, soft, smooth white cheese made of milk and sometimes cream, and not ripened.
creamer a small container that holds cream for serving. [3 definitions]
creamery a place such as a farm dairy, processing plant, or business establishment where dairy products are processed or sold.
cream of tartar a white powdery substance used in baking powder and food preparations, and in tinning metal; potassium bitartrate.
cream of the crop the best one.