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creature a living being, either human or animal. [2 definitions]
crèche a model of Jesus Christ's nativity in the Bethlehem stable, exhibited esp. at Christmas. [3 definitions]
credence acceptance (of a statement or the like) as valid or true. [2 definitions]
credential something that entitles one to confidence, credit, privilege, or authority. [2 definitions]
credenza a buffet or sideboard, esp. a legless one.
credibility the quality of being believable, or the power to cause others to believe. [2 definitions]
credibility gap an apparent disagreement between purported and actual facts. [2 definitions]
credible believable or plausible. [2 definitions]
credit the quality or condition of being trustworthy or believable. [12 definitions]
creditable praiseworthy. [2 definitions]
credit bureau an organization that collects and dispenses credit information on individuals or companies.
credit card any of numerous cards, issued by banks, stores, or the like, allowing the holder to charge goods or services; charge card.
credit history a record of how somebody has repaid loans, credit card bills, and other debts, used as a guide by money lenders.
creditor one to whom money is owed.
credit rating a rating of the worthiness of an individual or company to be extended credit, based on previous repayment of debts, financial stability, and the like.
credit union a cooperative financial association that provides its members with services such as checking or savings accounts and loans at low interest rates.
creditworthy considered sufficiently financially sound to be extended credit.
credo any formulation of belief, esp. a religious one; creed. [2 definitions]
credulity an inclination to believe or trust, esp. without sufficient basis or evidence; gullibility.
credulous disposed to believe, esp. on scanty evidence; gullible. [2 definitions]
Cree a member of a North American Indian tribe of the central Canadian provinces. [2 definitions]