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cronyism partiality or favoritism to one's close friends, esp. in giving political appointments or business contracts.
crook a curved or hooked part of something. [5 definitions]
crooked bent, curved, or twisting. [2 definitions]
crookneck any of several varieties of squash that have one tapered, curved end.
croon to softly sing a lullaby or the like. [5 definitions]
crop agricultural plants or produce. [12 definitions]
crop circle an area in a field of crops where plants have been systematically flattened into a circle or other geometric pattern, esp. when such flattening occurs mysteriously.
crop-dusting the spraying of crops with pesticides from a low-flying airplane.
cropland land used, or that can be used, for growing crops.
cropper a person or thing that crops. [4 definitions]
crop rotation a method of breaking disease cycles and renewing the fertility of the soil by planting a succession of different crops on the same piece of land.
crop up to appear or occur unexpectedly.
croquet a lawn game in which mallets are used to drive wooden balls through wickets toward a goal.
croquette a cake or patty of minced food such as fish, usu. held together with eggs or a thick sauce, coated with bread crumbs, and fried in deep fat.
crosier a staff topped by a crook or cross, borne by or before an abbot, bishop, or archbishop as a sign of his office.
cross a symbol or structure formed by a vertical line or pole intersecting a horizontal one. [16 definitions]
crossable combined form of cross.
crossbar a bar that lies in a nonvertical position, such as a painted stripe or the horizontal bar used in pole vaulting.
crossbeam a beam that reaches from one side to the other in a structure.
crossbill a type of finch with a bill curved in such a way that the tips of the mandibles cross.
crossbones an emblem consisting of two crossed bones, often beneath a skull, used to symbolize death.