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cross-pollinate to pollinate by placing pollen from one plant on the pistil of another of a different type.
cross-pollination the transfer of pollen, as by bees, from one flower to another of different genetic composition, resulting in the production of a hybrid; cross-fertilization.
cross-purpose a purpose that opposes or conflicts with another.
cross-question to cross-examine. [2 definitions]
cross-refer to make a reference to another part of the same work.
cross reference a reference from one part of a book, index, or file to another part containing additional or related information.
cross-reference to supply with cross references.
crossroad the place where two roads intersect; crossing. [2 definitions]
crossruff a sequence of plays in a card game such as bridge in which each of a pair of partners leads a suit that the other partner trumps. [2 definitions]
cross section a planar view exposed by cutting through an object, usu. at right angles to its longitudinal axis. [3 definitions]
cross-stitch in sewing and embroidery, two stitches that cross to form an X. [3 definitions]
cross swords to meet in physical combat; fight. [2 definitions]
cross talk interference, as on a telephone, radio, or other electronic receiver, by other sound or radio signals from another channel. [2 definitions]
crosstie a transverse timber or rod used to support a longitudinal beam or rail. [2 definitions]
crosstown running or extending across the longitudinal axis, and main thoroughfares, of a city. [2 definitions]
crosstree either of a pair of horizontal bars attached to a ship's masthead in order to spread the shrouds.
crosswalk a lane or path, usu. near the corner of a street, that is marked off as a pedestrian crossing.
crossway the place where two roads or paths intersect; crossroad.
crosswind a wind blowing at an angle across the path of an airplane, ship, or the like.
crosswise so as to cross or lie transversely across. [2 definitions]
crossword a puzzle in which the player must guess words from numbered clues and enter them in the correspondingly numbered series of vertical or horizontal squares; crossword puzzle.