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crossfire a volley of projectiles, esp. gunfire, directed at some central point from two separated positions. [2 definitions]
cross-grained of lumber, having a grain that runs across or diagonally to the length. [2 definitions]
cross hairs the two fine hairs, wires, or the like, one vertical and the other horizontal, that cross at right angles in an optical instrument such as a gunsight and that aid the viewer in aiming or focusing accurately.
crosshatch to shade (a drawing or the like) using many parallel and intersecting lines.
crossing a place where two roads, routes, or railroad tracks, or a combination of these, intersect. [3 definitions]
crossing guard a school official, police officer, or volunteer who directs traffic and helps children to cross the streets around a school.
cross-legged with the ankles close to the body and crossed, and the knees wide apart. [2 definitions]
crossly in an ill-tempered manner.
crossness the state of being ill-tempered.
cross off to remove (a name or other item) from a list.
cross out to remove (something) by drawing a line through it.
crosspatch (informal) an easily annoyed, bad-tempered person.
crosspiece anything, such as a bar, placed across something else.
cross-pollinate to pollinate by placing pollen from one plant on the pistil of another of a different type.
cross-pollination the transfer of pollen, as by bees, from one flower to another of different genetic composition, resulting in the production of a hybrid; cross-fertilization.
cross-purpose a purpose that opposes or conflicts with another.
cross-question to cross-examine. [2 definitions]
cross-refer to make a reference to another part of the same work.
cross reference a reference from one part of a book, index, or file to another part containing additional or related information.
cross-reference to supply with cross references.
crossroad the place where two roads intersect; crossing. [2 definitions]