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crude oil petroleum that comes directly from under the ground and has not been refined.
crudités cut-up raw vegetables, usu. served with a dip, as an appetizer or party snack.
crudity the quality or condition of being crude. [2 definitions]
cruel inclined to inflict or intentionally inflicting pain, hardship, or suffering. [3 definitions]
cruelty the state or quality of being cruel. [2 definitions]
cruet a small glass bottle, usu. having a stopper, made to hold condiments such as vinegar at the table.
cruise to travel, esp. in a ship, for pleasure, the destination being of secondary concern. [6 definitions]
cruise control a control mechanism in automobiles which keeps the vehicle traveling at a steady speed that is set by the driver.
cruise missile a long-range guided missile, propelled by a jet or rocket and capable of being launched from an aircraft, ship, or submarine.
cruiser a medium-sized, fast warship with a great range. [4 definitions]
cruller a sweet cake made from deep-fried dough, usu. shaped into a ring or twisted into a spiral.
crumb a tiny fragment, esp. such as breaks or falls from baked goods. [6 definitions]
crumble to break or crush into bits or crumbs. [2 definitions]
crumbly likely to crumble; easily broken, esp. into crumbs.
crumby consisting or full of crumbs.
crumhorn an early double-reed wind instrument, the tube of which terminates in a curve or crook.
crummy (informal) dirty, shabby, cheap, or the like. [2 definitions]
crumpet a thin muffinlike cake baked on a griddle, esp. in England.
crumple to press or crush so as to rumple or cause wrinkles. [5 definitions]
crunch to chew with a crackling noise; crush by biting. [6 definitions]
crunchable combined form of crunch.