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cuff link either of a pair of linked buttons or other small device inserted into the buttonholes of a cuff to keep it closed.
cui bono the legal principle that the responsibility for a certain act is likely to lie with one who had something to gain as a result of that act. [2 definitions]
cuirass a piece of close-fitting armor that protects the chest and back. [4 definitions]
cuirassier a cavalry soldier who wears a cuirass.
cuish a cuisse.
cuisine a particular type of cooking, especially that of a particular region, or the food in general that is prepared in this way.
cuisse a piece of armor made to wear on the thigh.
cul-de-sac a passage whose only exit is the entrance, such as a dead-end street. [2 definitions]
-cule small.
culex any of various mosquitoes that are very common in North America and Europe.
culinary of, concerning, or used for cooking.
cull to sort out or select from a large collection or quantity. [5 definitions]
culm1 particle waste from coal screening. [3 definitions]
culm2 the jointed, usu. hollow stem of various grasses.
culminate to arrive at a climax or conclusion (usu. fol. by "in"). [2 definitions]
culmination the act of culminating. [2 definitions]
culottes women's pants made short and with wide legs so as to resemble a skirt.
culpable guilty of a mistake or fault; blameworthy.
culprit someone who is charged with or guilty of a mistake, fault, or crime. [2 definitions]
cult the rituals and observances of a particular religion, esp. those pertaining to a single deity. [4 definitions]
cultivable able to be cultivated.