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cul-de-sac a passage whose only exit is the entrance, such as a dead-end street. [2 definitions]
-cule small.
culex any of various mosquitoes that are very common in North America and Europe.
culinary of, concerning, or used for cooking.
cull to sort out or select from a large collection or quantity. [5 definitions]
culm1 particle waste from coal screening. [3 definitions]
culm2 the jointed, usu. hollow stem of various grasses.
culminate to arrive at a climax or conclusion (usu. fol. by "in"). [2 definitions]
culmination the act of culminating. [2 definitions]
culottes women's pants made short and with wide legs so as to resemble a skirt.
culpable guilty of a mistake or fault; blameworthy.
culprit someone who is charged with or guilty of a mistake, fault, or crime. [2 definitions]
cult the rituals and observances of a particular religion, esp. those pertaining to a single deity. [4 definitions]
cultivable able to be cultivated.
cultivar a variety of plant that has been selectively bred for desired characteristics.
cultivate to make (land or soil) fit for growing plants, as by plowing or adding nutrients. [5 definitions]
cultivated having undergone cultivation. [2 definitions]
cultivation the act of cultivating. [2 definitions]
cultivator one that cultivates, esp. a machine designed to till the soil in which plants grow.
cultural of or pertaining to culture.
cultural anthropology the branch of anthropology concerned with the origins and development of human cultures, including customs, language, and art. (Cf. physical anthropology.)