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cult the rituals and observances of a particular religion, esp. those pertaining to a single deity. [4 definitions]
cultivable able to be cultivated.
cultivar a variety of plant that has been selectively bred for desired characteristics.
cultivate to make (land or soil) fit for growing plants, as by plowing or adding nutrients. [5 definitions]
cultivated having undergone cultivation. [2 definitions]
cultivation the act of cultivating. [2 definitions]
cultivator one that cultivates, esp. a machine designed to till the soil in which plants grow.
cultural of or pertaining to culture.
cultural anthropology the branch of anthropology concerned with the origins and development of human cultures, including customs, language, and art. (Cf. physical anthropology.)
culture the sum of the language, customs, beliefs, cuisine, and art considered characteristic of a particular group of people. [8 definitions]
cultured attained through cultivation; cultivated. [4 definitions]
cultured pearl a pearl formed by an oyster or mussel around an irritant such as a seed pearl inserted in its body under controlled conditions.
culture shock the anxiety, irritation, or confusion experienced by someone exposed to a culture with customs or behaviors different from those of his or her own culture.
cultus a cult, esp. a religious one.
culverin a crude musket made in medieval times. [2 definitions]
culvert a man-made channel for drainage or the like that passes under a street or other thoroughfare.
cumber to interfere with the functioning of; hinder; encumber. [3 definitions]
Cumberland a U.S. river that flows from southeastern Kentucky westward through Tennessee, emptying into the Ohio river in southwestern Kentucky. [2 definitions]
cumbersome awkward or unmanageable because of size, shape, or weight. [2 definitions]
cumbia a Colombian folk dance, variations of which are popular in Mexico, Argentina, and other Latin-American countries.
cumbrance a troublesome burden or encumbrance.