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Dalai Lama traditionally, the high priest of Tibetan Buddhism. (See also Gyatso, Tenzin.)
dalasi the chief monetary unit of Gambia, equaling one hundred bututs.
dale a valley.
daleth the name of the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Dalit a member of the lowest Hindu caste in India.
Dallas a large U.S. city in northeastern Texas on the Trinity River.
dalliance amorous play; flirtation. [2 definitions]
dally to waste time; be idle. [4 definitions]
Dalmatian any of a breed of fairly large dogs that have short white hair spotted with black or liver color.
dal segno from the sign (used in music as a direction to return to the point so marked and repeat a passage).
dalton see "atomic mass unit."
dam1 a barrier built usu. across a waterway to restrict flow and raise the water level. [4 definitions]
dam2 a female parent, esp. of a four-legged mammal.
damage harm or injury that reduces usefulness, value, or soundness. [4 definitions]
damaged having sustained harm or injury.
Damascene of or pertaining to Damascus, its residents, or the like. [6 definitions]
Damascus the capital of Syria.
Damascus steel hand-wrought steel, used esp. for sword blades, that is made by repeated folding and welding, thereby creating a pattern of wavy lines; damask steel.
damask a fine cloth woven of linen, silk, wool, or cotton with a prominent, elaborate pattern. [6 definitions]
damask rose a fragrant pink Asian rose that is an ancestor of hybrid roses and whose oil is often used as a source for attar.
damask steel see "Damascus steel."