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dateless having no date. [3 definitions]
dateline at the beginning of a news article, a line giving the place and usu. the date of its origin.
date line see "International Date Line."
date palm a tall palm tree with a thick trunk, cultivated in tropical and desert regions for its dates.
date rape the act of rape committed by a person who is on a date or in a date-like social situation with the victim.
dative denoting, relating to, or in a grammatical case that usu. marks indirect objects. [2 definitions]
datum an individual piece of information that is used to draw a conclusion. [2 definitions]
daub to smear or cover with soft sticky material such as plaster. [7 definitions]
daughter a person's female offspring, either natural or adopted. [2 definitions]
daughter-in-law the wife of one's son.
daughterless combined form of daughter.
daunt to lessen the determination of; intimidate; discourage.
daunting causing or capable of causing hesitation or lessening of determination.
dauntless incapable of being discouraged or frightened off; fearless. [2 definitions]
dauphin during the time of the monarchy, the eldest son of a king of France.
daven to recite a daily prayer or prayers of the Jewish liturgy.
davenport a large upholstered sofa, often one convertible to a bed.
David according to the Old Testament, the second king of Israel, a shepherd as a youth who killed the giant Goliath, and reputedly the author of many of the Psalms.
davit on a ship, any of various small cranes that project over the side and are used to raise and lower small boats.
Davy Jones a name used by sailors to symbolize the spirit of the sea.
Davy Jones's locker the bottom of the ocean, esp. when referred to as the grave of all the sailors who have died or will die at sea.