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Davy Jones a name used by sailors to symbolize the spirit of the sea.
Davy Jones's locker the bottom of the ocean, esp. when referred to as the grave of all the sailors who have died or will die at sea.
daw a small crow native to Europe; jackdaw.
dawdle to walk slowly and aimlessly; linger along the way. [3 definitions]
dawn the first daylight in the morning, or the time at which it occurs. [5 definitions]
dawn on someone to come into one's mind as something newly realized or understood.
dawn redwood a Chinese tree, cultivated in the United States, that resembles the redwood and bears cones but has deciduous twigs and needles.
day the period between sunrise and sunset or between two successive nights. [5 definitions]
day after day on each day for a certain period of days.
Dayak a member of one of the Indonesian peoples living in the interior of Borneo, or their language.
daybed a couch, usu. armless, that may also be used as a bed, or a bed that serves as a couch.
daybook a book for recording each day's events; diary. [2 definitions]
daybreak the first daylight in the morning; dawn.
day camp a place or program that offers recreational or instructional activities during the daytime for children who are on vacation from school.
day care daytime care and supervision, in a home or day-care center, esp. for preschool children, or after-school or vacation care for older children, or supervised daytime care for elderly or disabled people. [2 definitions]
daydream a dreamlike fantasy one has while awake, often characterized by pleasant thoughts or wishful imaginings. [2 definitions]
Day-Glo trademark for a substance used to produce vivid fluorescence in paints or colors.
day in court the opportunity to be heard or to present one's case, as in a legal proceeding.
day in, day out every day without change; continuously over an indefinite number of days.
day laborer a worker, esp. an unskilled one, who is paid by the day.
day letter in former times, a telegram sent during the day that was cheaper but slower than a regular telegram.