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day camp a place or program that offers recreational or instructional activities during the daytime for children who are on vacation from school.
day care daytime care and supervision, in a home or day-care center, esp. for preschool children, or after-school or vacation care for older children, or supervised daytime care for elderly or disabled people. [2 definitions]
daydream a dreamlike fantasy one has while awake, often characterized by pleasant thoughts or wishful imaginings. [2 definitions]
Day-Glo trademark for a substance used to produce vivid fluorescence in paints or colors.
day in court the opportunity to be heard or to present one's case, as in a legal proceeding.
day in, day out every day without change; continuously over an indefinite number of days.
day laborer a worker, esp. an unskilled one, who is paid by the day.
day letter in former times, a telegram sent during the day that was cheaper but slower than a regular telegram.
daylight the light of the day, or the time that the sky is or becomes light. [4 definitions]
daylight-saving time standard time that has been advanced by one hour in a given time zone, usu. in the spring and lasting into the fall, in order to provide one more hour of daylight at the end of each day.
day lily any of several wild and cultivated varieties of lily whose multiple, trumpet-shaped flowers each bloom for a single day.
daylong lasting the entire day.
day nursery a nursery school in which preschool children, usu. of working parents, receive care and supervision during the day.
Day of Atonement see "Yom Kippur."
day room a room for recreation, reading, or writing, as in a military barracks, nursing home, or other institution.
days during the daytime regularly.
day school a private school for pupils who live at home and attend classes only during the day. (Cf. boarding school.) [2 definitions]
daytime the time between dawn and evening.
day-to-day occurring daily; routine. [2 definitions]
day-tripper one who makes a day-long trip but does not stay overnight.
daywork work that is completed and paid for on a daily basis, such as the work of a housecleaner.