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deadbeat (informal) one who avoids paying debts or expenses.
dead center the exact center. [2 definitions]
dead duck (informal) a person or thing that is too deteriorated or ruined to be helped or saved, or that is sure to suffer ruin or failure.
deaden to make the nerves insensitive to. [3 definitions]
dead end a street, alley, or conduit that is closed at one end, offering no through passage. [2 definitions]
dead-end having one end or outlet closed. [2 definitions]
deadening material used to dull or deaden, esp. to muffle sound. [2 definitions]
deadeye one of a pair of hardwood disks with holes and concave rims through and around which certain rigging ropes are passed, used esp. to tighten the stays and shrouds of sailing vessels. [2 definitions]
deadfall a trap in which a heavy weight is set to drop on an animal and either stun or kill it. [2 definitions]
deadhead (informal) a person who uses a free ticket for transportation, admission, or the like; nonpaying customer. [5 definitions]
dead heat a race that ends in a tie between two or more contestants.
dead letter a letter that the post office is unable to deliver or return, usu. because of an incorrect address or the lack of a return address. [2 definitions]
dead-letter office a postal department to which undeliverable or unreturnable letters and parcels are sent to be opened, delivered if an address can be found, or destroyed.
deadlight a strong shutter or cover fastened over the interior of a ship's porthole or cabin window in stormy weather. [3 definitions]
deadline a date or time by which something must be done. [2 definitions]
dead load the fixed or permanent weight of a structure that exerts a uniform, constant pressure on the supports. (Cf. live load.)
deadlock a standstill or stoppage of progress on either side between equally strong or determined adversaries. [2 definitions]
deadly capable of causing death. [6 definitions]
deadly nightshade see "belladonna."
deadly sins the seven sins believed to cause spiritual death: pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth.
dead march a slow, solemn piece of music, esp. a march played during a funeral procession.