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deafening extremely loud, sometimes loud enough to cause hearing loss.
deaf-mute one who can neither hear nor speak. [2 definitions]
deal1 to take specific action about something (usu. fol. by "with"). [15 definitions]
deal2 fir or pine wood, or planks made of such wood.
dealate having lost the wings in combat, through injury, or the like, as certain insects that shed their wings after the mating flight.
dealer one who buys and sells; trader or merchant. [2 definitions]
dealership a sales agency authorized to sell a particular product in a particular area.
dealing (usu. pl.) business transactions; official interactions or relations. [2 definitions]
dealt past tense and past participle of deal1.
dean a college or university official, responsible for administering a department or office of the institution. [4 definitions]
deanery the position, realm of authority, or residence of a church dean.
dean's list a list of students with the highest overall academic grade averages in a given term.
dear loved or precious. [9 definitions]
dearie (informal, old-fashioned) darling; dear.
dearth a shortage or scarcity of something; lack. [2 definitions]
deary dear one; used as an affectionate, or sometimes patronizing, term of address.
death the end of life; termination of life functions in any living thing. [5 definitions]
deathbed the bed in which a person dies. [3 definitions]
death bell a bell sounded to announce a death.
deathblow a blow that causes death. [2 definitions]
death camas any of various North American plants of the lily family that bear white or greenish flowers and have roots that are poisonous, esp. to sheep.