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decontaminate to clear of impurities or dangerous substances; remove contaminants from. [2 definitions]
decontrol to eliminate control over (something), esp. government control; deregulate. [2 definitions]
décor the style, furnishings, or decorative scheme of a room, building, or the like. [2 definitions]
decorate to make more attractive or interesting by adding ornamental items or designs. [5 definitions]
decoration an act, process, or technique of decorating. [3 definitions]
decorative adding to visual attractiveness; ornamental.
decorator a person who decorates, esp. one whose occupation is designing interior décors.
decorous proper or formal with respect to behavior, manners, appearance, or the like.
decorticate to husk, debark, or peel. [2 definitions]
decorum properness of behavior, manner, appearance, or the like; dignity; propriety.
decoupage the technique of decorating something with cut-out pictures on paper or other material, covered by a flat finish or varnish. [3 definitions]
decoy something or someone used to lure, entice, or misdirect, as into danger or a trap, esp. an artificial bird or animal used to lure live birds or animals within gunshot or into a trap. [3 definitions]
decrease to become less in number, amount, size, strength, or the like; diminish. [4 definitions]
decree an official and authoritative order or decision, esp. by a ruler or government. [3 definitions]
decrement the act or process of gradually decreasing or lessening. [2 definitions]
decrepit in poor condition because of old age or much use; dilapidated; worn-out.
decrepitude a weakened, feeble, or dilapidated condition, esp. owing to long use or old age.
decrescendo gradually decreasing in loudness, force, or intensity (usu. used as a musical direction). (Cf. crescendo.) [5 definitions]
decrescent decreasing or waning, as the moon.
decretal containing, having the nature of, or pertaining to a decree or decrees. [2 definitions]
decretory of, pertaining to, or following a decree. [2 definitions]