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decrescent decreasing or waning, as the moon.
decretal containing, having the nature of, or pertaining to a decree or decrees. [2 definitions]
decretory of, pertaining to, or following a decree. [2 definitions]
decriminalize to make legal; eliminate criminal penalties for.
decry to express strong disapproval of; disparage; condemn.
decumbent leaning or lying down; reclining. [2 definitions]
decuple ten times as great or many; tenfold. [4 definitions]
dedicate to set apart or declare to be for a special use or purpose, as a worthy cause, public benefit, or sacred activities. [5 definitions]
dedicated committed to a cause or undertaking and devoting great energy, effort, or time to it. [4 definitions]
dedication an act or ceremony of dedicating or of being dedicated. [4 definitions]
dedifferentiation a stage in the regeneration of some tissue, in which specialized cells revert to primitive cells to produce a blastema.
deduce to draw (a conclusion) by reasoning from given information or general principles. [2 definitions]
deducible able to be concluded or inferred from certain facts or principles.
deduct to subtract (an amount or a part) from another amount or sum. [3 definitions]
deductible able to be deducted. [5 definitions]
deduction something that is subtracted or deducted. [4 definitions]
deed an act, exploit, or accomplishment. [4 definitions]
deedless combined form of deed.
deejay one who plays recorded music and provides commentary over the radio or at an event or venue; disc jockey; DJ.
deem to consider, suppose, or judge. [2 definitions]
de-emphasize to place less emphasis on; reduce the importance of.