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deficiency judgment a judicial decision in favor of a creditor for that part of a debt not satisfied by the debtor, esp. following the foreclosure and sale of a mortgage property.
deficient lacking some essential part, element, substance, or characteristic. [2 definitions]
deficit an amount by which something is less than what is required or expected, esp. the amount by which income is less than expenses.
deficit financing a governmental policy of borrowing to finance government spending.
defier one who challenges or resists authority.
defile1 to make unclean, foul, or filthy. [5 definitions]
defile2 a narrow passage or valley, as between mountains. [3 definitions]
define to explain or state the meaning of (a word or phrase). [4 definitions]
definite clearly defined or fixed, as opposed to being undecided, undetermined, or general; precise; exact. [3 definitions]
definite article in English grammar, the article "the," which restricts or particularizes the noun or noun equivalent that it modifies. (Cf. indefinite article.)
definitely without a doubt; positively. [2 definitions]
definition the act of defining or making clear. [3 definitions]
definitive most reliable, complete, or authoritative. [3 definitions]
deflate to cause to shrink or collapse, esp. by releasing air or gas. [4 definitions]
deflation the action or condition of collapsing or being collapsed or depressed, as by release of contained air. [2 definitions]
deflect to turn aside or slant away from a straight course; swerve.
deflectable combined form of deflect.
deflection the act or fact of being deflected. [3 definitions]
deflower to end a woman's virginity by sexual intercourse. [3 definitions]
defog to remove the condensed moisture or fog from (a mirror, windshield, or the like).
defoliant a chemical spray or dust that causes plants' leaves to drop off.