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deforest to remove the trees or forests from.
deforestation the removal of forest or trees from an area of land.
deform to damage or distort the shape or form of; misshape; mutilate. [4 definitions]
deformable combined form of deform.
deformation the act of deforming or condition of being deformed. [2 definitions]
deformed having a disfigured, warped, or distorted shape; misshapen.
deformity the condition of being deformed, misshapen, or distorted. [3 definitions]
defraud to deprive of something by wrongful and usu. unlawful deception; cheat; swindle.
defray to pay or assist in the payment of (costs or the like).
defrayable combined form of defray.
defrock to strip or deprive of the rights, rank, authority, and functions of a particular office or profession, esp. that of priest; unfrock.
defrost to remove frost or ice from. [3 definitions]
defroster a small heater, usu. in a car, for preventing or removing frost.
deft capable, quick, and clever in action; skillful; dexterous.
defunct no longer in existence or use; dead; extinct.
defuse to remove the fuse from (a bomb, mine, or other explosive device). [2 definitions]
defy to resist or challenge openly; act against the wishes or decrees of. [3 definitions]
deg. abbreviation of "degree," or "degrees," a unit of measure, such as that on a temperature scale.
degauss to neutralize (the magnetic field of a steel ship, chassis, or the like) by means of electric coils; demagnetize.
degeneracy the process of declining, or condition of having declined, from an elevated position, or below a normal or desired state. [2 definitions]
degenerate to decline from an original or former condition; change for the worse in nature or quality; deteriorate. [6 definitions]