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delaine a fine wool used in worsted fabrics. [2 definitions]
Delaney clause an amendment to a U.S. law that prohibits the use of food additives found to cause cancer in animals or humans.
Delaware an eastern U.S. state between Maryland and New Jersey. (abbr.: DE) [3 definitions]
delay to postpone until a later time. [7 definitions]
dele to remove or delete. [3 definitions]
delectable extremely pleasing; delightful. [2 definitions]
delectation enjoyment; delight; pleasure.
delegate a person who is authorized to speak or act for one or more others, such as a representative to a conference or convention. [3 definitions]
delegation a group of persons selected to represent others, as at a conference or convention. [3 definitions]
delete to remove or eliminate (written words, sentences, or the like) by crossing out, cutting out, or erasing.
deleterious harmful or injurious, as to health.
deletion the act or an instance of deleting. [2 definitions]
delft a variety of Dutch earthenware that is glazed white and usu. decorated with blue. [2 definitions]
deli (informal) delicatessen.
deliberate said or done intentionally. [5 definitions]
deliberately intentionally or with premeditation. [2 definitions]
deliberation the act of carefully thinking about a matter in order to make a decision; the act of deliberating. [3 definitions]
deliberative organized or convened to debate issues formally for the purpose of determining policy. [2 definitions]
delicacy fineness of texture or design. [8 definitions]
delicate agreeable to the senses because of fineness or subtlety. [7 definitions]
delicatessen a shop that sells ready-to-eat foods such as salads, cooked meats, and cheeses. [2 definitions]