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démarche a move, countermove, tactic, or maneuver, esp. in diplomacy.
demean1 to lower in esteem, stature, or dignity; degrade.
demean2 to behave or conduct (oneself) in a certain way.
demeanor the way in which one conducts oneself; deportment. [2 definitions]
demented mentally disturbed; mad; insane. [2 definitions]
dementia mental illness; madness; insanity. [2 definitions]
dementia praecox see "schizophrenia."
demerara (often cap.) a raw light brown sugar of Guyana.
demerit a mark made on a person's record because of some fault, misconduct, offense, or failure, often leading to punishment or a loss of privileges. [2 definitions]
demesne land that is owned; estate. [5 definitions]
Demeter in Greek mythology, the goddess of agriculture, marriage, and fertility; Ceres.
demi- half. [2 definitions]
demigod a mythological being who is part divine and part human, such as the offspring of a god and a human. [3 definitions]
demigoddess a woman considered to be a demigod.
demijohn a large, narrow-necked glass or earthenware bottle that is enclosed in wickerwork.
demilitarize to remove military forces, weapons, and facilities from; make less military. [3 definitions]
demimondaine a woman who belongs to the demimonde; prostitute or woman kept as a mistress.
demimonde a class of women who have fallen into disrepute with conventional society, usu. because of unconventional or immoral behavior or sexual promiscuity. [3 definitions]
demineralization in physiology, the loss of bodily minerals. [2 definitions]
demise decease; death. [3 definitions]
demisemiquaver in music, a thirty-second note.