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dentil one of a group of small rectangular blocks resembling teeth, such as those forming a molding or projecting from under a cornice.
dentine the bonelike material under the enamel of a tooth which constitutes the main part of the tooth.
dentist one who practices dentistry.
dentistry the profession or work of diagnosing, preventing, and treating diseases or malformations of the teeth, gums, and related parts.
dentition the arrangement, including the number and kind, of teeth. [2 definitions]
denture a partial or complete set of artificial teeth; false teeth.
denuclearize to forbid construction, presence, or deployment of nuclear weapons within (a certain jurisdiction).
denudate variant of denude.
denude to strip bare; remove covering from. [2 definitions]
denunciation a verbal attack or condemnation; the act of denouncing. [2 definitions]
Denver the capital of Colorado.
deny to declare (something) false; refuse to agree with or admit; dispute; contradict. [3 definitions]
deodar a tall cedar with drooping branches and fragrant, light red, durable wood, used as timber.
deodorant a preparation for preventing or concealing unwanted odors. [2 definitions]
deodorize to eliminate or conceal the odor of.
deoxidize to remove oxygen from, esp. by freeing chemically bound oxygen.
deoxygenate to remove free oxygen from (a gaseous mixture or a solution).
deoxyribonucleic acid see DNA.
depart to leave; go away. [4 definitions]
departed no longer present; gone; past; dead. [2 definitions]
department a subdivision of a larger organization or system, such as a government or business. [2 definitions]