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depot a bus or train station. [2 definitions]
deprave to change for the worse, esp. morally; corrupt; pervert.
depravity moral corruption; wickedness. [2 definitions]
deprecate to disparage or treat as having small value; depreciate. [2 definitions]
deprecatory expressing disapproval; deprecating.
depreciate to lower the cost or value of, esp. of property for tax purposes, or of money. [3 definitions]
depreciation a decrease in value due to aging, wear, or the like. [4 definitions]
depredation a despoiling, robbing, or preying upon.
depress to cause to be unhappy or dejected. [4 definitions]
depressant causing a slowing of bodily functions, as by the action of a drug. [2 definitions]
depressed sad or very low in spirits; morose. [4 definitions]
depressing causing or having the potential to cause sadness and pessimism.
depression a state of deep sadness or hopelessness that can persist for months or years and is not necessarily triggered by any particular external events. [7 definitions]
Depression glass glassware mass-produced, molded, and usu. colored during the Depression of the 1930s, and now considered a collector's item.
depressive tending to depress. [3 definitions]
depressor a medical instrument used to depress a body part such as the tongue. [3 definitions]
deprivation the condition or state of not having something that one needs, esp. a thing that all or most people need, such as safety, affection, food, and shelter; privation. [3 definitions]
deprive to take a possession or attribute away from; divest of. [2 definitions]
deprived lacking or prevented from having that which is needed, especially such things as food, shelter, education, protection, and affection.
de profundis (Latin) out of the depths (used to express great sorrow or misery).
deprogram to convince of the error of recently acquired beliefs, esp. those of a religious cult, by coercive means such as kidnapping, deprivation of sleep, and long interrogation and argumentation.