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deserter someone who abandons or forsakes his or her military post, duties, or obligations.
desertification the transformation of fertile land to desert by natural causes, esp. drought, or through human activity such as deforestation, overgrazing, and the like.
desertify to cause to change from land capable of sustaining plant life and agriculture to desert land that is essentially barren.
desertion willful abandonment of one's spouse or children, as well as all related legal responsibilities. [2 definitions]
deserve to be qualified for or worthy of; merit. [2 definitions]
deserved rightly earned; merited.
deservedly with justification; rightly.
deserving worthy of praise, regard, assistance, or the like.
desex to remove the sex organs of; castrate or spay. [2 definitions]
desiccant causing dryness. [2 definitions]
desiccate to eliminate the moisture in; dry up. [3 definitions]
desiderate to want, need, or long for.
desideratum something that is needed or wanted.
design to make or draw plans for, esp. the structure or form of. [11 definitions]
designate to distinguish by means of description, marks, name, or the like; specify. [5 definitions]
designated hitter in the American League in baseball, a team member chosen at the beginning of a game to bat in place of the pitcher.
designation an act or instance of indicating or pointing out. [3 definitions]
designedly intentionally, on purpose, or by design.
designee one who is designated.
designer a person who plans and creates designs for any of various artistic or commercial works. [2 definitions]
designing intriguing or scheming. [2 definitions]