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desolate without those things necessary or desirable for life; bleak; barren. [6 definitions]
desolation the condition of a place or person that is desolate. [4 definitions]
despair the state of being completely without hope. [3 definitions]
despairing suffering from or showing despair.
despatch variant of dispatch.
desperado a daring or dangerous outlaw.
desperate having no regard for danger as the result of hopelessness or great need. [4 definitions]
desperately in a desperate way; with a sense of extreme urgency, need, or despair. [2 definitions]
desperation the feeling or condition of someone or something that is desperate.
despicable worthy of hatred or contempt; worthless; low.
despise to hate or feel contempt for.
despite notwithstanding; regardless of. [3 definitions]
despoil to forcefully take belongings or goods from; plunder.
despoliation the action of forcefully seizing goods or belongings. [2 definitions]
despond to become discouraged and have low spirits, as from loss of hope or courage.
despondency the condition of one who is dejected by hopelessness or loss of courage.
despondent low in spirits; unhappy, depressed, or dejected.
despot a ruler who has complete power and authority. [2 definitions]
despotic of or resembling a tyrant; autocratic or dictatorial.
despotism the rule or practices of a tyrant; autocracy or tyranny. [3 definitions]
despumate to remove scum from; skim. [3 definitions]