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determinant that which is a factor in determining an outcome.
determinate determined by limits or boundaries. [3 definitions]
determination the quality of being determined or resolute. [5 definitions]
determinative able, likely, or acting to determine. [2 definitions]
determine to decide or settle (a question, controversy, or the like) finally and authoritatively. [6 definitions]
determined characterized by determination; resolute. [2 definitions]
determiner someone or something that determines. [2 definitions]
determinism the belief or teaching that every effect, including human thoughts and actions, is completely and predictably determined by preceding causes and that, therefore, free will does not exist.
deterrence the act or process of deterring. [2 definitions]
deterrent that which deters. [2 definitions]
detest to hate; loathe.
detestable inspiring or deserving strong hatred; abominable.
detestation strong dislike; hatred; loathing. [2 definitions]
dethrone to remove from the throne or other high and powerful position; depose.
detonate to explode or cause to explode suddenly and violently.
detonator a device used to set off explosives. [2 definitions]
detour a departure from the direct course, esp. a temporary route established to avoid road blockage or repair. [4 definitions]
detox detoxification, as from a toxic or addictive substance. [3 definitions]
detoxify to eliminate poison or the effects of poison from. [2 definitions]
detract to diminish or take away (often fol. by "from"). [2 definitions]
detractor one who criticizes or disparages an idea, cause, or person to undermine support or popularity.