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detest to hate; loathe.
detestable inspiring or deserving strong hatred; abominable.
detestation strong dislike; hatred; loathing. [2 definitions]
dethrone to remove from the throne or other high and powerful position; depose.
detonate to explode or cause to explode suddenly and violently.
detonator a device used to set off explosives. [2 definitions]
detour a departure from the direct course, esp. a temporary route established to avoid road blockage or repair. [4 definitions]
detox detoxification, as from a toxic or addictive substance. [3 definitions]
detoxify to eliminate poison or the effects of poison from. [2 definitions]
detract to diminish or take away (often fol. by "from"). [2 definitions]
detractor one who criticizes or disparages an idea, cause, or person to undermine support or popularity.
detrain to get off a railroad train. [2 definitions]
detriment that which causes harm, injury, or loss. [2 definitions]
detrimental causing harm, disadvantage, or deterioration.
detritus a mass of small rocks or particles broken up by geological or climatic forces. [2 definitions]
de trop (French) too much or too many; excessive or superfluous.
deuce1 in games and sports, a two, esp. a playing card or face of a die with a value of two. [2 definitions]
deuce2 (informal) the devil (used only as a mild form of swearing).
deuced (informal) confounded; devilish. [2 definitions]
deus ex machina (Latin) god from a machine; in ancient Greek drama, a god brought in by a mechanical contrivance to resolve a plot or complicated situation. [2 definitions]
deuterium an isotope of hydrogen that has one proton and one neutron in each nucleus; heavy hydrogen. (Cf. protium, tritium.)